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"As a physiotherapist, it is hard to find professionals in the field of strength and conditioning and personal training that I would recommend to my clients. Mike is definitely an exception. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about human movement, health and fitness. He spends time assessing clients so that the training method is suited to their needs. He recognizes poor movement patterns and addresses them, which helps to prevent injuries and makes training more effective. No matter what your fitness goals may be, Thrive Fitness can get you there."

Physiotherapist at Fit to Train


"Michael is amazing at what he does, he took the time to fully assess my body's movement to find areas of weakness and restrictions. After multiple car accidents, I've been having back pain at the gym whenever I lift heavy... turns out my left hip isn't so stable and is the reason for my low back pain flare ups... I still do my exercises diligently and my back feels the best it's ever been! Highly recommended."

Chiropractor at Pacific Health & Sports Therapy


"I have known Michael professionally for four years, and have benefited tremendously from his knowledge and enthusiasm of movement, health and fitness. In my work as an osteopath, I often struggle to find people to refer patients to for more movement-based training, especially people with complex needs or injuries. I have found that the team at Thrive Fitness offers high quality expertise and is keen to work collaboratively with other health professionals, which is both rare and a huge asset for patients. I highly recommend Thrive Fitness"


"I have had the privilege of working with Michael for several years. His appreciation for human movement and his knowledge of a system that helps identify movement competency and capacity dysfunction is second to none. It is a pleasure working with him and knowing our shared clients are continually improving upon their weakest link when under his care. The attention to detail at Thrive Fitness is excellent and you are always treated like an individual. Without hesitation I would recommend Thrive Fitness!"

Athletic Therapist at Coastal Health & Performance


"Michael Panarella is a true professional, in every sense of the word. I have had the pleasure of knowing Michael for the last year and have found his knowledge base, his passion and dedication to his craft, and the desire to always improve, to be very refreshing. Too many coaches and trainers do not know how to listen. They think they have it all figured out and they believe their methods are the best, even when they are not even close. Michael is not like this. He combines his abundant experience with a sensibility and humility in recognizing that the needs and expectations of his clients require something extra. Michael Panarella knows you are an individual and is willing and able to discover that individuality to help you reach your health and fitness potential."

Chiropractor at Pain Pro Clinic


"As a national level swimmer, I learned how to work out from an early age. Although I continued to exercise after I finished swimming, I became frustrated by my inability to stay in shape. On top of that, I was bothered by chronic low back and hip pain on a constant basis. That all changed after my very first day with Thrive Fitness. The comprehensive assessment nailed down the root of my pain. The training style got me moving again, up on my feet instead of using the gym machines and elliptical. I am thrilled with my results: my strength has improved, my low back and hip pain are gone, and I am in the best shape of my life."

Nutritionist at Veritas Wellness


"I have known Michael professionally for close to ten years. Fuelled by his passion for health and wellness, I have watched him grow into a trustworthy and respected professional in our community. In particular, Michael’s knowledge in movement screening, assessment, and corrective exercise prescription is top notch, and we have utilized his expertise during our pre-season player medicals with the BC Lions. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael for any individuals looking to improve their movement, health and fitness."

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