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Training Equals Rehab. Rehab Equals Training.

Training = Rehab

Rehab = Training.

It’a simple enough equation which demonstrates the similarities between the worlds of rehabilitation and strength training. First made popular by renown strength coach and physical therapist Dr Charlie Weingroff, it can be even further explained as:

High quality training is rehabilitative.

High quality rehabilitation is (you guessed it) training.

Sure, there are differences in the variables such as intensity, load and frequency but the guiding principles remain the same:

Determine the deficit.

Apply the intervention.

Examine the outcome.

(Rinse and repeat)

The idea certainly rings true for those who have one foot in the world of rehab and one in the world of strength and conditioning. However, it seems to have fallen short in reaching the individuals who can benefit the most: the general population.

That is because the real value of the equation lies in it’s message of empowerment.

Too often the model for managing musculoskeletal disorders leads an individual to become dependent on an external. Be it a doctor or a practitioner or a therapy. And too often the model of rehabilitation appears equally inaccessible to the lay person. For them, it’s simply a set of shoulder exercises that they learned from their physiotherapist that are going to ‘fix’ them.

This is not the answer.

The answer lies in inspiring, educating and empowering individuals to become self sufficient in the maintenance of their own health and wellness. And whether you’re speaking about movement, training, nutrition or any one of the pillars of your health, remember the equation:



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