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The Best Exercises For You

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

"What are the best exercises for me?"

It's a question that comes up often and I've found it's best answered in one word: Yes.

FYI - It's probably not this one

No, it's not that I've misheard the question. It's that inquiring about which exercises are the best is like asking for the perfect pizza topping or which haircut style reigns supreme.

Ultimately, it comes down to equal parts application and personal preference. The best exercises for you will be the exercises you enjoy doing and are willing to make the time for. Rather than forcing yourself to train a certain way, a more effective approach is to learn exercises that complement you. In doing so, you will find that your training becomes more enjoyable and that your fitness goals can be achieved with less struggle and effort.

​Try this: ask yourself the following questions the next time you approach an exercise:

Who?  Who is this exercise for? Is it appropriate for your ability, your health and your fitness goals?

What?  What are you trying to achieve with this exercise? Is it the best "tool" you know of to accomplish this?

When?  When's the best time to use this drill? Three months into a training cycle or first day back in the gym?

Why?  And most importantly, why is this exercise a good choice for you?

If you take a moment to ponder these questions, you will find it easier to select exercises that allow you to achieve your fitness goals while staying healthy, resilient and pain free.

In Strength,

Michael Panarella

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