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Introducing... ICBC Kinesiology

Many people don't know that included in your Enhanced Accident Benefits plan from ICBC is access to a Registered Kinesiologist. Kinesiologists are experts in building active rehabilitation programs for individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents.

ICBC Kinesiology is a one-on-one movement-based treatment program which focuses on a proactive approach to restoring your functional abilities and returning to living pain-free again. 

Passive treatments like massage therapy or physiotherapy are valuable in the early stages of recovery but they can only help to a certain point.


Perhaps you've experienced temporary relief after a massage but find that the pain and stiffness soon return. This keeps you heading back to the clinic but doesn’t help you overcome your injuries once and for all.

Instead, an active rehabilitation program with an ICBC approved Registered Kinesiologist puts you back in the drivers seat. 


The aim is to get you off the treatment table and working on your: mobility, stability, strength and endurance. These are all vital aspects of your rehabilitation roadmap leading to a full recovery.


Your Assessment

The key to a successful Kinesiology program is knowing your starting point. That way you can see where you're going.



Your Program

The active rehabilitation journey can be a tricky one --- especially if you go at it alone. We're here to support you every step of the way.



Your Results

Nobody wants to be stuck doing rehab exercises forever. See results and get back to moving, exercising and enjoying life.


But wait. There's more...

Your ICBC Kinesiology plan includes more than just your active rehab sessions.

Your Kinesiologist will work with you to address all aspects of your recovery including:

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 An at home corrective exercise program

 Nutritional guidance to help fuel your recovery

 Methods to improve sleep quality to speed up healing

 Tools & tips to manage stress

 Ergonomics advice to help avoid unnecessary strain

Your ICBC Kinesiology Plan


We bill ICBC directly which means your Kinesiology program is 100% covered with absolute hassle and no out of pocket fees. This makes it easy to focus on your recovery.

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Our Kinesiologists are available mornings and evenings during the week and upon request on weekends. This ensures you will always be able to attend your sessions.



We don't use ineffective  “cookie cutter” style rehabilitation programs. At Thrive Fitness, your Active Rehab program is fully customized around you to ensure a speedy recovery.

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Our team will confirm your claim approval, contact your ICBC adjustor on your behalf and make sure you receive the funding you need to complete your Active Rehab program.



Your Kinesiologist will take the time to understand your injuries and how they are affecting your quality of life . This sets you on the right path and ensures you receive the necessary funding for treatments.



At Thrive Fitness, we take a team approach to caring for our clients. That means that you will be able to see any of our staff for your active rehab sessions.



Every Kinesiologist is registered with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiology. This ensures your kinesiologist meets the highest industry standards of professionalism and expertise.

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It’s vital that your time is used effectively when recovering from an injury. Our Kinesiology sessions are always "one on one" so that you receive undivided attention and expertise.

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Your Kinesiologist is always available to provide online support via email. You can also perform your exercises in the comfort of your home with the guidance of our app.

The best part?
There is zero cost to you!


Your entire Active Rehabilitation plan is available via direct billing with ICBC which means you won’t see any costs.


Simply click the link to enroll and we will take care of the rest.


Sessions are limited, so don’t miss the opportunity to register now to secure your place.

See what others are saying

  • What is ICBC Kinesiology?
    ICBC Kinesiology is an exercise-based program focused on treating injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Working with a Registered Kinesiologist, your program focuses on numerous aspects of your recovery such as restoring mobility, improving stability, gaining strength and endurance.
  • Am I covered for ICBC Kinesiology?
    With ICBC, you are automatically approved for 12 early access treatments within 12 weeks of your accident. If your accident occurred more than 12 weeks ago, please contact us.
  • How do I begin the program?
    Simple! Just click the Book Now button and follow the prompts to book your session.
  • Can I begin the program if I am receiving other treatments?
    Yes! Kinesiology yields great results when it is used in conjunction with other treatments like physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic.
  • Do I have to pay any out of pocket fees?
    Nope. There are no out of pocket fees for ICBC Kinesiology.
  • What is the difference between Kinesiology and Active Rehab?
    Nothing. Kinesiology and active rehab are just different terms for the same service.
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